Using a Hair Dryer to Cure a Bug Bite

Bug bites are a bit painful and not nice to look at. It is itchy and swells up for days. There are a lot of bug bite ointments that you can purchase in drug stores. There are also a lot of home remedies that you can try to eliminate the swelling caused by the bug bites. A blow dryer is not only used to dry your hair faster, you can also use this to cure bug bites. Bug bites are common in areas where it is warm such as places near the desert or the tropics. The bug bites are common in children because they are the ones who love to play outdoors. This is the best solution for bug bite problems without spending too much money on ointments and other expensive cures. It is very simple to eliminate itch and it only takes one step to do this.

Here are the steps for using a hair dryer in curing bug bites:

1. Position the hair dryer facing the affected area. Hold this position for a few minutes. You might feel a little discomfort once the bite warms up but do not worry though this is normal and temporary. Do not hold the dryer too near the skin because you might burn it. Just situate the dryer to the area that you will feel a little warmth.

2. After heating, let the skin get back to its normal temperature. This will eliminate the itching sensation. Continuously do the same process if you experience itching.

3. Other techniques aside from the use of a hair dryer to cure bug bites are using damp face towel with hot water. The histamine from your body will be triggered from heat, this helps relieve bug bites and swelling of your skin.

4. The use of the hair dryer will only eliminate the itching sensation; however the swelling will eventually subside naturally.

5. This is not an advisable treatment for infants and children since their skin is very sensitive and the heat will be harmful to their skin.

The good thing about using a hair dryer to cure a bug bite is that it is very economical and that you will not have the urge of scratching often. If the swelling and itch will not subside after a few days, consult a doctor for further analysis of the bite because it may be infected of some sort. Stop scratching the affected area so that the swelling will subside faster.

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