Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Review

In many households, the daily diet includes yogurt for a healthy living. Making yogurt can seem to be a time-taking process for many these days. It is exactly for this reason that Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker is the perfect appliance for you. A little mechanical help from electrical appliances are welcome by office-goers and homemakers nowadays. Here are some of the pros and cons for this machine:

While making yogurt at home, the main problem that one faces is the inability to regulate the temperature as a result of which the yogurt gets too sour or too watered down. That is why needless to say, the taste and the desired nutritional content of the yogurt gets ruined. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker provides a state-of-the-art temperature regulatory system which helps in achieving just the exact temperature needed to set in the perfect yogurt everytime without any hassle and effort on your part. The yogurt churned out is consistent, biotic, nutritional and taste quotient. It will seem as if you are digging into yogurt made in the usual conventional process at home. It maintains the natural taste and quality of the yogurt.

Keeping up pace with our fast lives, this yogurt maker is gadget-friendly. The container is completely safe for usage in dishwasher without any glitch. After the preparation of the yogurt, the yogurt doesn’t need to be transferred to other utensils. The in-built container has a seal-tight lid which does not allow the yogurt to go stale. The yogurt found in the shelves of the departmental stores claim to be fresh but the taste of the yogurt hardly abides by its claims. There is always an artificial taste in such yogurt which leaves an unsatisfactory taste in the mouth.  This electric yogurt maker is not like those electric appliances which make you scratch your head and feel helpless while reading the instructions. The instructions are written in layman’s language and can be easily comprehended. The instruction kit makes it a cakewalk for you to use the yogurt machine.

Just in case due to abrupt weather changes or inability to control room temperature, this yogurt maker has an in-built thermometer inside so that you can control the temperature by increasing or decreasing it according to the requirements. The thermometer is devoid of complications and the readings on it can be understood easily by anyone.


Unlike with ready-made yogurts found in the market, you need not worry about the hidden ingredients or chemicals added to it  and not being mentioned in the packet. You can never fully rely on the ready-to-eat yogurts as you can never trust the way it is produced. But with Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker you can trust your health on it and be at peace with the quality of yogurt produced.

Although the process of making yogurt will be eased with this electric yogurt maker, yet there are certain pitfalls of using it. You can’t regulate the progress of the yogurt without much difficulty. There are other small technical errors too which can be found while using it. There might be some problems with various parts of the yogurt maker too. It has its defects too but repairable ones. The customers who have been using this product for quite a long time swear by it though they too have faced with little glitches here and there. They have got instant replacements for the defected parts and are happy with the service provided. Some say though the process is easy yet it requires a bit of patience on the user’s part. This product is quite affordable considering the amount of time it is going to save for you. For those who have very little time to devote to the kitchen, this is ideal for you. If however, you want to compare specs with other yogurt machines, you can take a look here.

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